WOW Women Talks

When one woman helps another, AMAZING (Read WOW) things happen!

WOW Women Talks was created by women for women, no matter their profession or situation.

If you are looking for inspiration for success, advice on effective strategies, a new challenge to take on or other women to share with, WOW Women Talks is the event for you!

At WOW, we like to keep things simple. Forget about being lectured; instead, you’ll hear from fellow professional women who speak from the heart, in a no-pressure environment. No WOW Women Talk is the same, presenting different themes, topics and formats every time. But each event will have you leave feeling touched, inspired, better informed, empowered and connected.

Get ready to be WOWed! Add a bit of WOW to your life!

WOW World of Women Talks
3Es: Empowerment, Environment & Energy

A virtual series celebrating National Entrepreneurs’ Week – November 16 – 20

Join us online, in the comfort of your office or your own home!

A full week schedule of Women Talks, trade show, virtual workshops, demos, networking, auction and fun, open to the public — All are welcome!

A Series for Women by Women

Presented by WOW World of Women Social Network Inc.

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Who We Are

Learn more about WOW Women talks. Learn why we do what we do. We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate people who share purpose, values and goals.